A firm decision: A space with aligned values

Morrissey Law + Advisory is a commercial and corporate law firm with expertise in the construction and infrastructure sector, in particular around project advisory and dispute resolution.  They partner with their clients to identify outcome-driven solutions to their commercial and legal needs.

Managing Director Michael Morrissey founded Morrissey Law + Advisory with the vision of combining commercial advice and with legal design and technology to ensure businesses can obtain the right advice to build for the future.

Prior to opening his own firm Michael was introduced to Work Club Global through another firm who had selected Work Club Sydney Supreme Court as their office provider. Michael was a premium member and developed an appreciation for the space, design and enjoyed being an integral part of the diverse community.

In 2017, Michael launched his own firm, Morrissey Law + Advisory. Operating initially out of his home office located in Sydney’s Inner West, he soon realised he would need to seek an office space, one that would be suitable for his team of two and a space that would be suitable for clients to visit.

The office space had to meet the following criteria:

  1. The space and operator had to be aligned to the ethos and core values of Morrissey Law + Advisory – a) Do good b) Be kind c) Create value d) Love to learn e) Be accountable
  2. A private office space was required to ensure client confidentiality.
  3. The space should include a stimulating community, where Michael would be surrounded by like-minded individuals who had the same or similar core values as him and the team.
  4. The price had to be competitive whilst ensuring the space delivered on all of his firm’s needs.


Michael approached Work Club Global immediately, as he knew all of the outlined criteria could be met, but his decision process would not be as simple as he had first hoped. At the time of his search, Work Club Global was not a viable option as;

  1. Supreme Court was at full capacity.
  2. Barangaroo was still months away from completion.


As an immediate solution was required, WeWork, Pyrmont was selected as their workspace provider. A few weeks into their tenancy Michael quickly realised how important the community and cultural values were for himself and team. The WeWork environment was vibrant and highly energetic, one with a strong start up culture. It was clear that the businesses in the WeWork space were in a different stage of their business life cycle.

Reviewing the criteria that had initially been set, Michael found that he had sacrificed non-negotiable items and needed a space that his team and clients would enjoy attending.

In February 2018, Work Club Global’s founder, Soren Trampedach, took Michael on a tour of the Barangaroo location. The space was still a construction zone at the time of the tour and Michael would have to wait an additional three (3) months prior to moving in. He placed his trust in Soren’s vision and immediately signed up as a Private Suite member of Work Club Sydney Barangaroo.

Michael’s firm was the first to move into the space in May 2018.

Michael shares the key reasons why he transitioned to Work Club Global:


“Being surrounded by people who do different things, share different ideas but still work in a professional capacity is one of the key reasons why I chose Work Club Global. The space attracts likeminded people, so from a personal aspect this impacted the decision. From a professional aspect it’s great to be surrounded by people who are building their business, going through growth cycles, or have built a successful business or those in executive roles”.


When making the decision to move forward with a shared work environment, Michael has since realised that culture and overall environment must fit your needs and criteria, if you have set them. He believes when seeking a space, one should have a clear understanding of what kind of space you wish to be in and the kind of people you want to be around and really embrace and immerse yourself in the space and community.


“The people. The people that you’re surrounded by including fellow members and the Work Club Global staff are what I love most about the space. This is the culture and the type of people we want to be around”.


Since joining Work Club Global team productivity has improved and connecting with members within the community has brought new opportunities, referrals and recommendations for Morrissey Law + Advisory.

Michael’s experience shows that finding a workspace is not just about finding a space that fits a particular aesthetic or ticks certain boxes in terms of services and functionality. The most important part of choosing a shared workspace is choosing a community of individuals that reflect, compliment and elevate you and your brand. Countless successful entrepreneurs recognise that meeting the right people is crucial to finding and maintaining a successful business. Michael, like so many other professionals before him, found that perfect group of people at Work Club Global.