Ep 28: Our Blockchain Based Future – Jamie Skella

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Jamie Skella


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About this conversation
Technologist and entrepreneur Jamie Skella has spent two decades designing, building and advising of businesses across blockchain, IoT, and even future food. Formerly Executive Director at MiVote, a not-for-profit democratic movement, Jamie has since gone on to co-found one of Australia’s first blockchain projects, Horizon State. A company focused on redesigning how societies collaboratively make decisions using emerging technology – and how to arrive at high-quality decisions – Horizon State has built a community empowerment and secure voting platform that delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity and post-unforgeable attributes of distributed ledger technology.


More About The Speaker
Jamie Skella joins Florence Guild to explain Blockchain in simple terms, walk us through the Horizon State story, and gets us to think big picture about the opportunity that blockchain enabled disruption presents – as well as the risks and opportunities that come along with it. Decentralisation and disintermediation is on the horizon, whether you’re ready for it or not.


Conversation Notes

  • Blockchain can be framed as a digitised and synchronized notebook, designed to replace how society organises itself.
  • It provides for an equitable and disintermediated society where we can redistribute wealth and potentially even save the environment.
  • In the long-term, the banks will need to make way for the rapid influx of change.
  • At this stage, developer tools are young and a lot more quality design work needs to be in place.
  • The accountability and transparency present in the system will always counteract the criminal element.


“It’s not the technology we need to stop, or slow, or fix – it’s the people. Technology is agnostic, all technology can be used for good and for bad.”


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