Be alert, positive and happier with natural light

What impact does natural light have on people?

Natural light in the workplace has a profound impact on people. It has a direct correlation with an individual’s activity, mood, alertness, health and wellbeing. Designing a workspace around light should be a major consideration for all businesses. 

People are naturally drawn to a view that is interesting; some will even pay more for the privilege when they travel or lease office space.

Individual preference

In the workplace, the corner office with a view is usually highly sought-after, typically because it’s the office occupied by a senior executive and symbolises success. However, almost everyone has a preference for a light-drenched space with an interesting view, be it at work, on vacation or at home.

What has research on workplace influencing factors found?

Natural light streaming through the office has a profound effect on the people in that environment. Research on workplace influencing factors affirms that natural light results in a reduction of anxiety, stress, lethargy, tiredness and boredom. The impact of natural light exposure has a positive correlation with individuals and their activity: mood, alertness, quality of life, health, positivity, creativity and vitality. The extra vitamin D will also boost everyone’s immune system and people are just happier, more cheerful, active and energised in natural daylight. It’s good to know that happiness and cheeriness are contagious.

Consistent with research findings, a view of a natural landscape and vegetation can result in an increased ability to refocus and direct attention, having fewer headaches, taking fewer painkillers, hastening the recovery rate for illness and improved morale.

Neuroscience author and researcher Ivy Cheung reports in her research that the impact of daylight exposure on people is remarkable. She reports mental and behavioural changes that respond positively to natural light, including internal clock, hormone release, body temperature and other important functions. Cheung (2014) and Kendrick (1991) believe that office space should be designed with natural daylight exposure as a significant consideration to maximise its contribution to employee wellness. There are sufficient research findings that support the importance of windows streaming daylight and a pleasant view, showing a dramatic positive effect on psychological wellbeing, mental alertness and productivity. 

Is employee welfare a consideration?

Health and employee welfare should be a major consideration to all businesses, especially where known factors influence the mental and physical wellbeing of staff. However, it seems that there is often a fundamental disconnect between the physical office space and office design, falling short of expectations of the modern workforce.

Natural light in the workplace can slash energy costs and increase staff satisfaction. It brings the workplace to life with natural light and scenery, as well as a sense of wellbeing for employees, all of which are great rewards of natural light being recognised and considered in an office design.

Work Club Embraces the benefits of wellbeing

Work Club has been designed with views of Hyde Park and natural daylight streaming through the windows, enriching the natural materials and workplace positivity. Soren Trampedach has participated in global think tanks around the modern workplace and design benefits, including an abundance of space to work quietly in comfort and plenty of natural light.

Through Work Club Soren has embraced the benefits of wellbeing in every aspect of Work Club’s design. The coworking space is enhanced by the dynamic outside world and brings the influence of light and nature into a sophisticated, beautifully designed space, where members can collaborate, work quietly or socialise with other members and their guests.

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By Dearne Cameron