Shared Connections – Work Club Featured in CEO Magazine

CEO Magazine – Oct Edition, Sydney

By Ashton Kobler.

Soren says the demand for flexible working space is ever increasing and comes from companies of all sizes. “Many of the top 200 companies in Australia are looking at how to move part of their portfolio to flexible real estate,” he notes. “And once companies start using Work Club Global, they stay with us. They stay with us because of what we offer. It’s not just a space, but a community and place for people to belong.”

The market is shifting significantly. Research shows that up to 30 per cent of corporate real estate portfolios could be co-working or flexible in the next decade. Work Club Global provides a hospitable space that encourages conversations and creates an experience for every individual who enters its building.

“To retain tenants, we need to focus on every single tenant, not just those in an executive suite,” Soren says. “We create an interesting and varied experience for them to come into every day.”

You can read the full article here.

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