Soren Trampedach had the privilege of being on an amazing panel last night at VIVID festival discussing ‘innovation for change’ with Catherine Stace, CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Avis Mulhall from Think Act Change, Phil Morle, CEO & Founder of Pollenizer and Stephanie Lorenzo from Project Futures and Victor Dominello, The NSW Minister for Innovation.

Here are some key points from the discussion:

  • Innovation will come from the ground up and not be driven by the government in Australia. Australia is among the lowest ranked countries in OECD in terms of government funds invested in innovation.
  • Diversity and cross collaboration is key – it is no longer enough to operate in a silo, whether as an individual, small, medium or large firm. Exposure to diversity and different thinking is important. Being exposed to different business models from other industries allows learning from those other sectors.
  • It is possible to collaborate with competitors – Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is a wonderful example of how they have achieved that in the pharmaceutical industry, with a groundbreaking approach in a not-for-profit.
  • Space is an important foundation that creates the possibility for people or organisations to come together and collaborate, but also provides the functional space to reflect and work on their own businesses.

“I am personally very excited and proud to be part of SW/TCH, an initiative created by Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and 650Labs in Silicon Valley.”

Who are SW/TCH and what do they do?

SW/TCH champions the new economy of whole systems and cross industry collaboration. It connects business heads and talent delegates from all walks of industry with the genius of entrepreneurs, big data experts, commercial innovators, university academics and government leaders.

Together they will drive organisational and social innovation across industries. It is a business mindset and not purely a technical exercise.

I would encourage you all to take part. You can do so on the team side, which means being part of one of the teams participating in the industry collaboration festival in August. Alternatively, you could join on the corporate side sharing relevant business relevant ideas that can be used going forward.

The aim is to start in Australia and then take the model global, to essentially drive change from the ground up.

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