• Work Club featured in Dynamic Business

    Work Club featured in Dynamic Business

    02 November, 2015

    Dynamic Business discusses how Soren Trampedach curates a diverse workplace at Work Club.

  • Start where you are.

    Start where you are.

    28 September, 2015

    I was invited to speak at a recently launched ‘ideas exchange’ hosted for the strategy people of the STW group of agencies (think IKON, Designworks, Tongue, The White Agency, Ogilvy). Binge thinking Wittily named ‘Binge Thinking’, this short, sharp session brings trends that are emerging externally into STW to encourage knowledge sharing and the flow […]

  • Can cross-industry collaboration solve Australia’s innovation problem?

    Can cross-industry collaboration solve Australia’s innovation problem?

    08 September, 2015

    About SW/TCH SW/TCH is a 3 day ‘festival’ that aims to foster a culture of innovation across industries and drive it exponentially, rather than incrementally. Co-created by Cure Brain Cancer, a small Foundation that wanted to demonstrate to industry that disruption can occur at any level or size, I was involved in the conception of SW/TCH […]

  • Australian Anthill SMART100 Award

    Australian Anthill SMART100 Award

    18 June, 2015

    We are proud to announce that we have been recognised as one of the top 100 innovative companies in Australia. We are pleased to have been awarded the Anthill’s SMART100 2015 Award for Innovation. One of our key content pillars in Work Club and Florence Guild is “innovation through collaboration” so it is great to be […]



    28 May, 2015

    Soren Trampedach had the privilege of being on an amazing panel last night at VIVID festival discussing ‘innovation for change’ with Catherine Stace, CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Avis Mulhall from Think Act Change, Phil Morle, CEO & Founder of Pollenizer and Stephanie Lorenzo from Project Futures and Victor Dominello, The NSW Minister for […]

  • Partnering St George at TEDx Sydney.

    Partnering St George at TEDx Sydney.

    25 May, 2015

    Work Club proudly partnered with St George Bank at TEDxSydney on May 21st at Sydney Opera House. Work Club has shared its innovative approach to collaborative working with Australian bank, St George. Created exclusively for TEDxSydney, Work Club has re-designed a business hub for use by TEDxSydney attendees at the Opera House on Thursday 21st […]

  • Partnership with TEDxSydney

    Partnership with TEDxSydney

    22 May, 2015

    Work Club will work closely with TEDxSydney’s Founding Curator Janne Ryan to provide some of the speakers for Work Club’s two main content pillars, “innovation through collaboration” and/or “disruption”. We see a close alignment in values and quality of content with TEDxSydney. Florence Guild, held at Work Club, provides one content event for members every […]

  • Work Club Insights – The Blurring Lines

    Work Club Insights – The Blurring Lines

    27 April, 2015

    The line between office, home, retail and hospitality is becoming increasingly blurred. Offices are taking on more elements of the home, hotel, café or even retail, whilst cafes and hotels are now offering more business support and more homely aesthetics. The changing environment Offices are no longer just desks and chairs. Technology is now enabling […]

  • Be alert, positive and happier with natural light

    Be alert, positive and happier with natural light

    25 April, 2015

    What impact does natural light have on people? Natural light in the workplace has a profound impact on people. It has a direct correlation with an individual’s activity, mood, alertness, health and wellbeing. Designing a workspace around light should be a major consideration for all businesses.  People are naturally drawn to a view that is […]

  • Soren Trampedach on Switzer Daily, Sky News

    Soren Trampedach on Switzer Daily, Sky News

    11 March, 2015

    Soren Trampedach Work Club is a global membership transforming how and where you do business. For more on the concept, Soren Trampedach joins Switzer TV. (Broadcast on Wednesday 11 March, 2015.) Watch the video here. For more information on our collaborative coworking spaces in Sydney and Melbourne please click here or contact us.



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