• Work Club On Air Episode 5: Lindy Kingsford

    19 November, 2018

    Lindy Kingsford may not be able to cure cancer, but she can find the perfect leader to inspire their research teams to achieve great things. People for Purpose help individuals, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and corporates to maximise their social impact through exceptional leadership and governance. As a senior HR professional, it is Lindy’s job […]

  • Work Club On Air Episode 4: Susan McMahon

    19 November, 2018

    Originally from mid-west Indiana, Susan has been on quite the journey to become a part of the TEDxSydney team. After noticing that many of their friends had started to settle in the suburbs, Susan and her husband decided on adventure instead; packing up their lives and moving to Australia. Although she never had a clear […]

  • The Opportunity in Uncertainty – Dr Tim Rayner and Diana Renner

    19 November, 2018

    Dr Tim Rayner and Diana Renner recently spoke to Work Club Global about the Opportunity in Uncertainty for today’s leaders. Diana Renner is an organisational consultant, teacher and award winning author. As the director and co-founder of the Uncharted Leadership Institute and the creator of Not Knowing and Not Doing Labs, Diana helps individuals and […]

  • How innovative brands can integrate with urban communities

    How innovative brands can integrate with urban communities

    31 October, 2018

      We all know that non-profits of all shapes and sizes exist because they want to fill a specific need in the community. We accept this without question. However, we are often very cynical of for-profits trying to do the same thing as we suspect them of having an ulterior profit-driven motive. We might feel […]

  • Disruptive Customer Insights That Drive Competitive Advantage – Prof. Joe Urbany

    10 October, 2018

    Joe Urbany, Ph.D recently spoke to Work Club Global about Disruptive Customer Insights That Drive Competitive Advantage. Joe Urbany, Ph.D. is Professor of Marketing in the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, Illinois. He was previously Associate Dean of Graduate Programs in the College. He received his Ph.D. from Ohio University. […]

  • Why knowing less will help us learn more

    Why knowing less will help us learn more

    03 October, 2018

      “Mystery is an enticement and an invitation to learning” – Dr Tim Rayner   When we believe we know everything, we no longer feel the need to keep learning. Why should we? We’ve got it all covered, right? But, here’s the thing. While we might be experts in our fields for now, this self-assurance […]

  • Disruptive Customer Insights That Drive Competitive Advantage

    Disruptive Customer Insights That Drive Competitive Advantage

    27 September, 2018

     As commoditisation inevitably hits industries, organisations struggle deeply with differentiation and financial growth. Opportunities for competitive advantage are often missed because of misalignment between decision-makers and what customers actually value. We’ll discuss how “disruptive customer insights” can be applied to drive growth through differentiated strategy, innovation, enhanced customer experience and ultimately deliver financial results. […]

  • Our Blockchain Based Future

    Our Blockchain Based Future

    27 September, 2018

    Go on, admit it… You’ve heard people talking about blockchain technology and you’ve smiled and nodded your head while having no idea what they’re talking about. I’ll let you in on a secret – you’re not alone. Even if you’ve looked up ‘blockchain’ on Google, the chances are the explanations have left you none the […]

  • Work Club on Kochie’s Business Builders

    28 August, 2018

    Work Club recently featured in an episode of Kochie’s Business Builders. In this case study episode they explored the key benefits of a shared workspace for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Soren Tramepach, Founder and CEO sat down with James Tucker, General Manager of AbiBird to share his experience and how his business has benefited from […]

  • Work Club On Air Episode 3: Michael Morrissey

    20 August, 2018

    Michael grew up near the foothills of Warrumbungle National Park in Coonabarabran, located about 6 hours north-west of Sydney. His childhood was spent exploring his parents’ vast acreage, which included a cattle farm and stone fruit orchard. A sense of community is such a strong part of country living, Michael explains, and could not have […]



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