• The Work In Progress February 2019: Change

    The Work In Progress February 2019: Change

    10 February, 2019

    Starting a new year always generates the energy and allure of achieving anything we put our mind to, exploring the unknown, and solving challenges. I start every week contemplating the future I see developing, and the future I want to create. A big change developing in the real estate industry is how landlords wanting to […]

  • Simple ways you can add credibility to your business

    Simple ways you can add credibility to your business

    22 January, 2019

    You never get a second chance at a first impression. Whether you are B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C, the long-term success of your business is directly related to your reputation. When people engage with your business for the first time, their first impression will not only determine their future purchasing behaviours, but also that of […]

  • LinkedIn Trends for 2019

    LinkedIn Trends for 2019

    22 January, 2019

    Have you noticed that LinkedIn has evolved beyond its resume origins? It’s now all about video and content marketing. The best way to describe the change is that LinkedIn has become Facebook for B2B content. Make sure to check out a special offer from Work Club here and at the end of this post.   […]

  • Brand with purpose – Michel Hogan

    08 January, 2019

    Brand is stuck in a time warp of thinking as “ing” or “re” dominated by marketing and advertising models and interests. This does not help organisations to sustainably navigate the complex relationship between what they do, how they do it and why they do it. Let’s begin with a mind-shift about a brand as a […]

  • Why we need to think a little less each day

    Why we need to think a little less each day

    17 December, 2018

      Distraction can be deadly, but attention is a resource, and a person only has so much of it.” – Suzanne Boccalatte   Suzanne Boccalatte is a designer, artist, educator, writer and professor. In her presentation Press pause to play: Learning to focus in times of distraction, part of Florence Guild’s speaker series, ’The Art […]

  • The Coder vs The Predictor: How The Brain Drives Focus

    The Coder vs The Predictor: How The Brain Drives Focus

    16 December, 2018

      “Just when you think you know something, you have to look at in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try.” – Robin Williams’ character, John Keating — From the film ‘Dead Poets Society’   In the movie Dead Poets Society, English teacher John Keating asks his students to […]

  • What is a brand and how can you destroy one?

    What is a brand and how can you destroy one?

    23 November, 2018

       “How and why you make promises is really important. Too many organisations make promises and work out how to keep them later” – Michel Hogan   In the last few months, we’ve been hearing the term ‘brand’ thrown around a lot in Australia’s political scene. Most of it relates to the Federal Liberal […]

  • Work Club On Air Episode 5: Lindy Kingsford

    19 November, 2018

    Lindy Kingsford may not be able to cure cancer, but she can find the perfect leader to inspire their research teams to achieve great things. People for Purpose help individuals, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and corporates to maximise their social impact through exceptional leadership and governance. As a senior HR professional, it is Lindy’s job […]

  • Work Club On Air Episode 4: Susan McMahon

    19 November, 2018

    Originally from mid-west Indiana, Susan has been on quite the journey to become a part of the TEDxSydney team. After noticing that many of their friends had started to settle in the suburbs, Susan and her husband decided on adventure instead; packing up their lives and moving to Australia. Although she never had a clear […]

  • The Opportunity in Uncertainty – Dr Tim Rayner and Diana Renner

    19 November, 2018

    Dr Tim Rayner and Diana Renner recently spoke to Work Club Global about the Opportunity in Uncertainty for today’s leaders. Diana Renner is an organisational consultant, teacher and award winning author. As the director and co-founder of the Uncharted Leadership Institute and the creator of Not Knowing and Not Doing Labs, Diana helps individuals and […]



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