• Work Club On Air Episode 2: Imran Sheikh

    25 July, 2018

    When we consider global warming and the state of our environment, it’s easy to think that the actions of the individual alone are not enough to make a significant impact. But this shouldn’t dishearten those who are concerned for the future of our planet, argues Imran Sheikh. He believes compassion is the true reason we […]

  • Work Club Sydney Barangaroo Featured in SME Stories

    Work Club Sydney Barangaroo Featured in SME Stories

    23 July, 2018

    Breaking Free from the Rigid Conventions of Traditional Workplaces By SME Stories Work Club Global’s collaborative spaces are for people and organisations who want to break free from the rigid, conventions of traditional working. Those who have freedom of movement, curiosity of mind and courage of spirit to transition effortlessly between work, life and leisure.  Work […]

  • Work Club Sydney Barangaroo Featured in Sydney Chic

    Work Club Sydney Barangaroo Featured in Sydney Chic

    23 July, 2018

    Work Club Barangaroo, Sydney By Deb Carr I wrote about Work Club at Barangaroo when it first opened earlier this year, and today I actually had a taste of what it’s like to work in this amazing coworking space myself. I already knew this was going to be an extraordinary place to work because of my first story. […]

  • Ancient new ideas still work for the collective good

    Ancient new ideas still work for the collective good

    18 July, 2018

    What will it mean to live in an ExpONEntial society? Is ‘one’ a singular or a collective? Will we upload consciousness and merge with AI, or is The Singularity our uploading into a collective consciousness? Nothing is certain beyond our own values and behaviours. Yet if we look to nature we realise we each play […]

  • Work Club On Air Episode 1: Soren Trampedach

    11 July, 2018

    In this interview, Soren shares how the idea of Work Club came into existence and the lessons he has learned since establishing the business in 2014. He also discusses why the change and disruption occurring across all industries today means that a culture of intrapreneurs is essential for a company to succeed. A truly international […]

  • Work Club Member Stories: Simon van Wyk

    Work Club Member Stories: Simon van Wyk

    11 July, 2018

    Nothing like a hike to clear the mind… Hiking is a relatively new activity in my life. My passion for it began about 8 years ago when I took my youngest son to a wilderness survival course in the state of New Jersey in the U.S. Once the course was over It gave me a […]

  • ExpONEntial: The Road to Infinity – Christina Gerakiteys

    03 July, 2018

    Christina Gerakiteys, a creativity and innovation catalyst, recently spoke at Work Club Global’s Florence Guild event. Her purpose is to ignite hearts and minds to what is possible, so individuals are empowered to create an incredible life. Christina’s depth of knowledge and engaging style have made her a popular presenter at major conferences including SingularityU […]

  • 2050: Feeding The Next 2 Billion

    2050: Feeding The Next 2 Billion

    25 June, 2018

    The world’s population is currently 7.6 billion inhabitants, which according to WHO is expected to increase dramatically to approximately 9.8 billion inhabitants by 2050. That’s a lot of new mouths to feed and those hockey stick growth projections we all saw as kids is now actually happening. In this talk, Mark will address the myriad […]

  • Work Club Featured in Citizens of the World

    Work Club Featured in Citizens of the World

    19 June, 2018

    By Meg and Dom IS YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY PILE TAUNTING YOU FROM YOUR HOME-OFFICE SETUP? Perhaps it’s time you say goodbye to your study and hello to a shared office space where the only smells wafting about wreak of peony candles and fruity teas. Not so long ago, you wouldn’t be caught dead in a shared workspace. […]

  • Getting out of the way of innovation – Dom Price

    18 June, 2018

    Dom Price from Atlassian spoke at our Florence Guild event on “Getting out of the way of innovation” hosted at our coworking office Sydney. About Dom Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester winter of ’77. Well travelled, slight maverick who always speaks his mind. Currently, the Team Doctor and Head of R&D at Atlassian, […]



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