New Sustainability – Tamara DiMattina

“Emerging economies can’t follow the rulebook of the past by forging a path to industrialisation using fossil-fuel technologies”.1 Climate Change is real and inevitable, and business as usual is over.

How do we save the planet, and make sure growth continues to lift billions out of poverty? How do we move forward in a clean, green way?

“Society is becoming more and more eco-conscious, demanding ethical practices, responsible behaviour and innovation to cut excess. And in response, brands are creating products, services, packaging, and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly.” 2

We are now on the cusp of quite an exciting tipping point where investors, customers and the broader community are expecting and (rewarding!) those organisations and brands that are operating well and support regeneration: “restoring ecosystems, rebalancing our climate, and building economies that thrive, while allowing people and the planet to thrive, too.”2


About The Speaker
After studying PR at R.M.I.T Tamara worked in PR, marketing and communications in London, Beijing, Sydney and Melbourne.

She created Trumpet PR + Marketing, a communications business focusing on positive behaviour change campaigns on creating stronger, safer, happier communities.

In January 2010 Tamara visited Dharavi, Mumbai’s infamous slum, to see where ‘waste’ from the west goes to get recycled.

In March 2010, she visited Antarctica to study sustainability, returning to undertake a Fellowship at Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

2010 Tamara created Buy Nothing New Month, the campaign for conscientious consumption that has received global media coverage.

2012 she created The New Joneses, a living pop-up installation that embodies the principles of stylish, waste-free, conscious living.
Both campaigns take green from mungbean to mainstream, inspiring us all to make consumer decisions based on what’s good for our people and planet.