Alexandre Framezelle

LocationWork Club Sydney

A year ago today I quit my job.
I don’t say this lightly – risk is a serious matter for me.

I studied classical piano at the French Conservatory and graduated with a Silver Medal. Becoming a professional musician was my dream but I weighed it up and decided to pursue finance instead. I haven’t touched the piano in eight years, but I listen to it every day.

Perhaps risk is such a big deal because of my French education, which is all about risk and analytics, or perhaps it was the years in finance I spent assessing billion dollar loans for the renewables industry.

Nevertheless, Australia brought me out of my comfort zone. I always knew I wanted to work in an up-and-coming area. Obviously it would have to be online, but I suspected that the crossroads between the medical and wellbeing industry would be the most interesting. When I looked into peptides, I knew I was onto something.

My business partner and I balance each other out. Where he is amazing at implementing, my strength is in analysis. Together we’re working on innovating the peptide market for a more customer friendly experience here in Australia and starting to look at China.

It’s been a big year. I might even sit down at the piano again soon.



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