Brody House Budapest Ludo Room


Location1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38

The Space

This unique hospitality concept in Budapest comprises accommodation, bars, social and cultural events spaces across five individually conceived venues. The Brody community includes numerous creatives, Hollywood types, entrepreneurs and anyone trying to earn an honest crust in Budapest drawn to BrodyLand’s convivial and private environment.

Brody House
Each of the unique 11 rooms in this award-winning boutique hotel is named after a former artist-in-residence that showcases their work as well as upcycled artisanal furniture. Built in 1896, this building housed Dr Tauffer who performed the first ‘modern’ cesarean in 1890.

Brody Studios
Described as the Group’s ‘bohemian wild child that leaves no stone untouched when delving into the cultural core of Budapest’, this social arts club houses regular exhibitions, stand-up comedy, live music, DJ sets and other happenings. Local and seasonal food combined with craft cocktails and Hungarian wines await. Events for upto 350 people can be hosted set over 3 floors, 4 bars, 2 private dining rooms, a games/screening room and atmospheric courtyard.