Chloé Oestreich

RoleFounder & Director
CompanyCHLOÉSTREICH Corporate Training
LocationWork Club Melbourne

Tell us something about you that your professional network might not know about?
I love surfing. It’s become an integral part of my life- a ritual of switching off, driving down the coast on the weekends and getting in touch with nature and the ocean.

As a European I feel extremely lucky to be living in a country like Australia, blessed with one of the best coastal spots in the world. Victorian winter has truly tested my limits, so I’m excited about some warmth and the highly anticipated summer we’re all longing for. Maybe, just maybe I might even get to surf without a heat belt and booties – fingers crossed!

What’s the most exciting thing in your life at the moment?
My job. I feel extremely privileged I get to work with emotionally intelligent individuals and companies across a variety of sectors every day. It is an utter delight for me to create a safe space where I get to watch individuals across all levels grow, make mistakes, open up, take risks and be vulnerable. I cherish the moments when my clients achieve real change and they’re able to transform their existing habitual patterns.

What is your favourite new discovery?
A podcast called ‘My dad wrote a porno’. Just listen to it – it’s genius.