Eleanor Hanrahan

RoleFinancial Advisor/Accountant
CompanyHanrahans Financial Planning
LocationWork Club Sydney

I’ve never felt the pressures, or disadvantages of being the middle child. Even though my siblings are very successful in their own right, my dreams were always set high; aiming to help my father expand his accounting practice into a financial planning business.

It wasn’t hard to convince my father to make the switch. The opportunity was clear; we would be able to offer our clients a unique and comprehensive financial offering and eventually become a highly-respected leader in our industry. 6 years on, we’ve achieved this and more; now managing over $30 million in assets for our clients.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to make such an impact in the family business; and all before turning 30. I have an incredible relationship with my father, and I’m really thankful that we’ve been able to keep our relationship strong and achieve these goals as a team.

Now that I’ve entered my 30’s, I’m excited to see what they will bring. Who knows; I could become an investment innovator, property mogul, or perhaps even a professional world traveller! Only time will tell.



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