Iain Good

CompanyGood Coaching & Mentoring, Choice to Growth
LocationWork Club Sydney

I don’t agree with the notion of work / life balance.

Life is life. What you do to earn an income can be described as work, or it can be described as a really energising part of your life – and I’d rather be in the latter camp.

Don’t get me wrong, I was driven commercially for a lot of my life. But I’ve come to the realisation that the currency I am most driven by is gratitude.

Last year I was accredited as an executive coach. Now, I get to see people connecting a set of skills to meaning and ultimately purpose, getting clarity of vision on their future, and none of that feels like work to me. I also apply these skills in our Marketing Strategy Consulting business, where we help leaders and their teams realise the full potential of their business.

I think age exists in our heads, but stage of life is important. Each chapter asks us questions about what is important to you. The older you get, the more chapters you have to draw on.

My latest chapter involves an addiction to yoga. As a lifetime runner, I’m grateful to find this new discipline and community.



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