ClubKEE Club
Location796 Huai Hai Road Middle, Shanghai

The Space

A prestigious heritage address, KEE Shanghai is housed in twin 1920s villas in the heart of Shanghai on the famed shopping Hua Hai Middle Road. KEE Shanghai’s elegant interiors evoke European salon culture, with exquisite fabrics, antique furnishings and a sophisticated collection of classical and contemporary artworks. The Club also boasts a rare treat – a beautifully maintained courtyard, a green oasis in the heart of this urban metropolis.

Home to an engaging and eclectic membership, KEE regularly plays host to royalty and heads of state, entrepreneurs, entertains, authors and artists. These influential and trend-setting members enjoy a convivial private dining and club atmosphere. They are also able to attend the most exclusive parties and private functions, and engage in cutting-edge networking opportunities KEE-style.