Layne Beachley AO

CompanyAim for the Stars Foundation
LocationWork Club Sydney

Tell us something about you that your professional network might not know about?
I deliver workshops for organisations which assist people in creating and living an #Unbeatable life.

Many people ask me “what does it take to achieve and sustain success?”, “how do you stay motivated?”. So I created workshops to teach others how to achieve this. My workshops focus on personal values, setting goals that are aligned with them, cultivating a positive attitude, building resilience and a positive mindset through understanding their personal drivers.

What’s the most exciting thing in your life at the moment?
Abundance! I feel very grateful for the abundance in my life … opportunity, love, work – this is what is exciting me the most. This has resulted in an abundance of my own self-worth.

What is your favourite new discovery?
Qi Gong – similar to Tai Chi. It is a very meditative and slow, purposeful series of movements which increases my mindfulness, centres me and slows me down. It is the perfect way to start your day. It is also ideal for stress reduction.