Stephane Chatonsky

RoleCo-Founder & Managing Director
LocationWork Club Sydney

Tell us something about you that your professional network might not know about?
Teaching is one of my passions. In addition to my day job at IVEST, I have been an academic for the last 15 years – at UNSW and Macquarie University, teaching in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. I deeply enjoy the process of engaging with students, sharing my experience, being challenged, being part of this very human desire: our thirst for knowledge.

In this disturbing world of fake news and lies, universities have an important role to play and I am glad to be able to participate.

What’s the most exciting thing in your life at the moment?
Freedom and choice. I feel blessed to be able to choose the projects and endeavours I am engaged in professionally: from helping the Asian emerging middle class to obtain quality/low-cost healthcare, to working on technologies that could radically change the way we manufacture, serve and consume, to supporting ambitious and ethical entrepreneurs.

What is your favourite new discovery?
Antarctica. I was lucky to discover the 7th continent over the summer break, its pure beauty, scale, wilderness and life have touched me and reinforced the idea that we don’t own this earth and with political will, are able to preserve it for future generations.