Transformation of the property industry

The Australian property industry is touted as being one of the most transparent in the world, and one of the strongest in the Asia Pacific region. These attributes make for an excellent testbed for up and coming tech start-up companies to create and provide innovative solutions for the property market.  Unsurprisingly then that the Australian PropTech industry has been steadily gathering momentum in recent years.

The Australian commercial real estate market is strong and there is continuing high demand for office space in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. The trend for smart building initiatives and co-working spaces has been growing for quite a while now and will no doubt continue to as Australia pushes for smart city credentials. According to Soren Trampedach, CEO and Founder of Work Club Global “Professional organisations and teams are transitioning out of their siloed or isolated traditional offices as they have quickly discovered how the community aspect of what co-working offers is invaluable…how such environments can also lead to an organic platform for referrals and new business opportunities.” 

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