Partnership with TEDxSydney

Work Club will work closely with TEDxSydney’s Founding Curator Janne Ryan to provide some of the speakers for Work Club’s two main content pillars, “innovation through collaboration” and/or “disruption”. We see a close alignment in values and quality of content with TEDxSydney.

Florence Guild, held at Work Club, provides one content event for members every month bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds and industries. The aim of the events is to create friction (good friction!) and a “spark”. Innovation and new ideas rarely happen in isolation; they are more likely to occur with exposure to different people with different views

The world is experiencing the most significant technological revolution since the industrial revolution. Assumptions about how the world works are being shattered. Questions outweigh the answers. And answers seem to come from unexpected places, from unexpected people with unexpected backgrounds and unexpected ambitions.

Florence Guild seeks to provide some answers across industries and backgrounds to some of all the questions.

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