Ep 18: The Art of Focus – Phill Nosworthy & Dr Angus Hervey

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Phill Nosworthy & Dr Angus Hervey

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About this conversation
We live in a world of extraordinary possibility. However, it is also a world of distraction, indecision and procrastination. Focus and courage, it would seem are a potent antidote and strategy.

Listen to cult favourites Phill Nosworthy and Dr Angus Hervey discuss how to focus on what matters most.


More About The Speakers

Phill Nosworthy
Phill is a researcher, Keynote Speaker and Co-Founder of Switch Learning + Development.

He works alongside brands like Microsoft, Universal Music and ING as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist and has been described as a The Meaning Maker – a unique professional who creates new paths for the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Most importantly Phill is a Dad to Zander (human) and Chica (French bulldog fur child) and is still head over heels in love with the girl he fell for in high school. They live in Sydney’s northern beaches, spend around 100 nights a year travelling internationally and love camping under big starry skies next to raging fires.


Dr Angus Hervey
Dr Angus Hervey is Co-founder of Future Crunch, a platform for intelligent thinking about the future of science and technology, and former manager of Random Hacks of Kindness, a global initiative from Google, IBM, Microsoft, NASA and the World Bank to create open-source technology solutions to social challenges.

Former manager of Global Policy, one of the world’s leading international political journals. He holds a PhD in Government and a Masters in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics, where he was also the Ralph Miliband Scholar from 2009 to 2012.


Conversation Notes
Topic: The Intricacies, Aspects and Determinants of Focus.

  • Fundamentally, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, explore with an open mind.
  • Think about what you are bringing in to focus. Are you looking for the right thing? Are you looking in the right places?
  • A key aspect to focus is linking your aspirational self to your actual self.
  • You can’t focus on what you’re doing or where you’re going unless you know who you are.
  • Think about how our understanding of tomorrow informs the decisions we make today.
  • A lack of clarity manifests in procrastination, indecision, emotional turmoil within us.


The four C’s form the cornerstones to focus:

  • Challenges – they satisfy the soul
  • Connections – the way we connect with others
  • Contributions – go after something bigger than yourself
  • Control – look to gain mastery

“Unless we understand who we’re speaking to, it’s impossible to hone in and figure out what we’re looking for or where we’re looking for it.” Dr Angus Hervey

Phill’s Linkedin: Phill Nosworthy

Angus’ Linkedin: Angus Hervey

Phill’s Website: phillnosworthy.com

Future Crunch’s Website: futurecrun.ch

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