The Work In Progress April 2019: Sustainability

As we move into autumn, the change of the season acts as an important reminder of the physical environment we inhabit. Sustainability continues to occupy my thoughts, encouraged by the recent student climate strike in more than 112 countries.

This laudable global movement was instigated by one female student in Sweden seeking to inspire change. We can learn a lot from this – your age, background and experience are as relevant as you let them be. There is abundant possibility to invent and reinvent.

Organisations around the world are learning this too – legacy energy businesses are facing disruption from new technologies that may one day deliver abundant energy to the globe. Until that day arrives, which I believe it will, we need to protect the planet and be more conscious about what we consume. Buy less, but better, is a simple but powerful way of doing so.

In regards to commercial real estate, most buildings today operate at 40% utilisation. Rather than looking at these buildings as a collection of spaces to rent, I believe we can push this utilisation rate closer to 100% by looking at them as a whole and developing more human-centric solutions to workplace design. This way of thinking will completely transform the industry in the coming years.

We’ll explore these topics in more detail at our upcoming Florence Guild panel in Melbourne on “New sustainability”. I welcome you to join in our discussions by RSVPing here.