Brand managers find premium workspace to host affluent partners

Established in 2011, The CEO magazine is a global business publication that profiles CEO’s.

Recently, the magazine evolved, transitioning from a business trade to a lifestyle publication that aims to engage the primary audience (CEO’s) with more than just business-related content.

Emily Ewans was appointed as national partnerships manager in October 2017, to address the evolving publication’s need to target, build and engage lifestyle brands that have the desire to engage and gain access to the magazine’s niche audience, driving brand awareness and new revenue opportunities.

Searching for an ideal location to achieve goals

The CEO Magazine’s head office is located in Brookvale, a suburb located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Brookvale is the soul of CEO magazine with satellite locations in Singapore, Philippines, India and Sweden. Globally there are a total of 120 employees, the satellite offices are home to a total of 50 sales team members with the Australian executive, production and sales team making up the remaining employees.

Emily and the newly appointed sponsorship team quickly discovered Brookvale was not an ideal location to achieve their goals, for a number of reasons –

  • It was a space designed to produce a magazine – not an ideal space to invite premium partners and sponsors.
  • The head office does not currently reflect the brand’s aesthetic.
  • The location was far from sponsors and partners.

The search for the perfect space

Emily and the sponsorship manager found themselves working from home and setting up meetings in cafes to fulfil their client facing roles. Not having a base proved to have a negative impact on overall productivity and planning, creating unnecessary travel time, expenses and stress.

Emily and her team immediately set out to find a solution.  Central location, event spaces, meeting rooms, overall look and feel and prestige were all non-negotiable items in the decision-making process.

Work Club was a space that had been suggested to Emily by an existing member, James Rowden from The Luxury Network, a partner The CEO magazine closely collaborates with.

Touring Work Club Global

As Emily toured Work Club, Supreme Court she had already made up her mind “I felt Work Club was an upmarket, mature, professional working environment that did not appear too corporate. Work Club was a better fit and a better representation of our brand”.

Meeting all of the non-negotiable criteria, the space reflected The CEO Magazine’s brand prestige and new lifestyle direction, it was a space she could proudly invite her sponsors and partners including LVMH, Maserati and leading business leaders.

Alternate solutions were quickly deemed inappropriate “I saw a member playing ping pong in casual clothing as soon as I entered, and I knew this was not a space that I could bring my clients,” said Emily.

Becoming a Work Club Global Member

From sourcing to solution, the process was completed in 6 weeks. Since joining Work Club the partnership and sponsorship team have seen an uplift in productivity, meetings, brand engagement and revenue. The direct impact on revenue results from the team’s ability to conduct more meetings per day and host events in the space without the usual restrictions she may face with venues i.e. stock limitations, preferred suppliers, minimum spend and venue hire fees. Other business expenses including home office requirements and travel have also been eliminated.

Joining Work Club has been one of the greatest “people” investments The CEO Magazine has made. Investing in the team has had a direct, positive effect on employee morale, revenue, partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

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