Charity finds diverse and supportive platform to empower young women to achieve their goals

About the Layne Beachley Foundation

The Layne Beachley Foundation provides financial grants and mentoring to Australian women and girls who have a dream or goal.

They are a group of diverse, women and girls who want to change the world in some way or another, they’re “Australia’s next female game changers”.

A Little Sparkle

Daisy Cox, is a scholarship recipient and at just 25, she founded a not-for-profit organisation, A Little Sparkle to support girls with autism. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 7, she was determined to let her differences shine through, Daisy founded A Little Sparkle to provide young autistic women with opportunities that she didn’t have growing up.

Currently, the foundation provides as many scholarships as they can and provide mentoring for a 12-month period. From next year the foundation will support a total of 10 women and provide scholarships – with a higher monetary value – over a longer period of time.

Trish Crews, CEO, Layne Beachley Foundation is originally from a sports marketing background. Trish spent 10 years at the Parramatta Eels and seven years at the NRL, she was the first woman to be appointed into the NRL executive team and from then it cemented her passion in supporting women and girls. Trish was appointed as CEO of the foundation following five years as a board member. She is an integral part of a small team, managing many aspects of the business including fundraising, strategy and accounting, wearing many hats.

Becoming a Work Club member

All three team members and six board members are focused on single purpose and outcome and that is to help women achieve. Work Club has played a role in allowing the team to focus on this purpose and outcome.

Prior to becoming Work Club members, all team members were working from home, which Trish described as isolated. The foundation had never thought to consider a shared workspace prior to being introduced to Work Club by Layne Beachley. Other options included a lease in an office or sharing a space that was offered by a donor. The lease was seen as too big of a burden for a non-profit and a suitable space had not yet been offered by a donor.

Work Club still feels like home but offers an environment of support, diversity and all members in the space are success oriented, willing to support one another to reach their goals. An environment that is clearly reflective of the Layne Beachley Foundation’s purpose.

The team feel supported by Work Club and see them as an extension of their own, nothing is ever too much.

“I feel empowered when I work from Work Club” Trish Crews, CEO of Layne Beachley Foundation. Work Club, a space that supports and allows the Layne Beachley Foundation to more efficiently and better achieve their goals.


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