Work Club On Air Episode 3: Michael Morrissey

Michael grew up near the foothills of Warrumbungle National Park in Coonabarabran, located about 6 hours north-west of Sydney. His childhood was spent exploring his parents’ vast acreage, which included a cattle farm and stone fruit orchard.

A sense of community is such a strong part of country living, Michael explains, and could not have been more important when the town suffered from severe fires in 2013. Thankfully, Michael’s home survived relatively unscathed, however other families in the surrounding area suffered devastating losses, with some losing both their homes and their livestock. Adding to the tragedy was the ensuing battles with insurance companies, as some families discovered too late that they were not covered and would therefore lose the farms they had held for generations.

Michael worked with his community as best he could, offering assistance to families making claims and educating them on the legal process concerning their circumstances. He sees empathy and patience as the most important characteristics of any legal professional, as “at the heart of it…you’re often dealing with people in a stressful situation”.

The lasting impact of the fires has stayed with Michael and is a constant reminder to keep his client’s concerns at the core of his focus. His ‘hand-holding’ approach is one of the core values of his firm, Morrissey Law, in order to ensure that he and his team remember the human side and use their expertise to serve their clients in the best way possible.

“Doing good, being kind and being accountable” is what makes Michael an exceptional part of his community, and of Work Club.


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