Work Club On Air Episode 4: Susan McMahon

Originally from mid-west Indiana, Susan has been on quite the journey to become a part of the TEDxSydney team.

After noticing that many of their friends had started to settle in the suburbs, Susan and her husband decided on adventure instead; packing up their lives and moving to Australia.

Although she never had a clear idea of what she wanted to be growing up, Susan saw an opportunity with TEDxSydney, “grabbed it, and loved it”. She thrived working in an environment that felt like a thrilling roller coaster ride and reaped all the benefits of being exposed to so many amazing & innovative thinkers. It’s hard for her to measure the impact TED talks have had on her over the years, but as a result, she has been able to cultivate a deep interest in technology, humanitarian efforts and social justice.

The youth programs that TEDxSydney run have a special place in Susan’s heart. She believes in the importance of shaping young minds to be the thinkers of tomorrow and is passionate about realising TEDxSydney’s role in this process. In regards to her own children, Susan also stresses the importance of knowing your family and your heritage. Even though they are growing up in Australia, Susan ensures her children have a strong connection to her roots in Indiana.

What drives Susan is her curiosity and eagerness to learn. She will never tire to hear from the brilliant minds that grace the TED stages and is excited for the challenges the future holds.

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