Work Club On Air Episode 5: Lindy Kingsford

Lindy Kingsford may not be able to cure cancer, but she can find the perfect leader to inspire their research teams to achieve great things.

People for Purpose help individuals, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and corporates to maximise their social impact through exceptional leadership and governance. As a senior HR professional, it is Lindy’s job to find incredible talent and pair them with organisations that are committed to social change.

In this episode of Work Club on Air, Lindy recounts the events in her life that led to her involvement in the not-for-profit sector. Her experiences of family hardship opened her eyes to the incredible organisations that support those in need as well as the ground-breaking scientists and doctors tirelessly working to further modern medicine, and in turn, the lives of many.

When faced with adversity, it is up to the individual to choose how they respond. Lindy’s gratitude, strength and empathetic nature gave life to an unwavering passion to give back, both to those that had helped her and her family in their time of need, but also to society as a whole. By using the talents and influence available to her, she carved out a successful career for herself improving access to talent in the non-profit sector.

Her role at People for Purpose is not only rewarding in its humanitarian aspects, but has allowed her to work for a diverse range of industries, working across environmental, cultural, disability, medical and research-based organisations within the non-profit sector. Each organisation has brought with it a unique set of challenges to overcome, and has also allowed her to meet the most inspiring people who work tirelessly and selflessly for others.

Lindy believes we all have something to offer and have a part to play in changing the world for the better. It’s all about finding where you belong.

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