The Work In Progress September 2019: Changing the way we experience

Changing the way we experience

Right now we are witness to a global explosion in experience culture. Businesses, in an endless quest to generate attention and excite customers, are recruiting creators and innovators to test the limits of art and science. Experimenting with digital formats and Artificial Intelligence, brands are now offering a dizzying array of experiences to attract the high-end customer: albums released as DNA, 3D game-scapes of 19th Century paintings, apps that make music you can ‘see’, to name a few. We need to shout louder than anyone else around to get attention these days or do we? Is there another way?

At Work Club we look to these global inspirations and try and develop what is going to become most meaningful for our members, connecting a human ecosystem. We want not simply to generate attention, but to have lasting results for our community. This means experimenting with new forms of events to draw in a different audience to Work Club, sparking ideas through fresh connections between people. It also means curating the experiences on a local level to maximise the potential benefits to our existing community. For industries particularly affected by technological innovation such as Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment, experience is not the antidote and a lifeline for profitability, it is part of an overall human approach connecting real people.