LinkedIn Trends for 2019

Have you noticed that LinkedIn has evolved beyond its resume origins?

It’s now all about video and content marketing. The best way to describe the change is that LinkedIn has become Facebook for B2B content.

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As a professional, I didn’t see the importance of LinkedIn 2 years ago. I would superficially come back to update my resume to prepare for a new role. It’s only when LinkedIn added video functionality that I saw the opportunity to grow a channel and amplify my brand.

Since September last year, my profile AKA “my video channel” grew from 900 to over 28,000 followers organically.

Another thing to note, I have over 4,500 connections. LinkedIn’s connection has a hard limit of 30,000 people. Personally, I treat my connection list as my ‘whitelist address book’ that focuses on two key audiences: entrepreneurs and marketers. It offers better segmentation that way, especially if you plan to push content and be a channel.


Trend 1: The News Feed

The news feed is how we currently consume content on LinkedIn. In this attention economy game, the goal is to scroll’n’stop their fingers.

LinkedIn Trends for 2019: Scrolling the Feed

We stop our scrolling habit when there is content that grabs our attention and/or seem relevant to us. The key takeaway is to make engaging content that visually stops, entertains and appeals to your prospects.

Be conscious of the people and company pages you add and follow. Remember my ‘whitelist address book’ theory. As they dictate what content comes on to your feed. That’s why having a clean connection list is important.


Video Optimisation Tip: Make the first 1 second count

The first 1 second of your video acts like your cover. Avoid having a black screen as your video cover as it gives the audience an excuse to scroll-skip your video. Mention this to your video editor to avoid adding a black transition to the very first second of the video.

A great video cover is a smiley person looking directly at a camera. People relate better to people rather than a brand logo.


Trend 2: Organic Video

LinkedIn wants more and more professionals to hang on the platform. That is why we see an influx of videos and content. Based on my channel growth, video content is one of the main reasons why I rapidly grew.

Creating video content every day has allowed me to become a source of information for professionals who want to know about marketing trends and startups.

Organic video is a great way to amplify your brand narrative. Incorporating people in your video is also a tactic to come across authentic, as people want to do business with people. Consider finding a talent within your organisation to be the voice of the company.

The maximum length of video is 10 minutes. Again, with the news feed experience. Audience prefer snackable videos than long video takes. If only, LinkedIn had a video playlist.

The best video length is less than 3 minutes.


Optimisation Video tip: Add closed captions

Make sure to have closed captions, that is adding text to your video content to explain the context of your video. It increases your video retention above 85%. Most professionals on LinkedIn like to read and don’t have headphones on them.


Trend 3: Company Pages

LinkedIn now allows company pages to upload native videos. It’s much more easier to grow a person’s profile page than a company page. As a LinkedIn user would habitually connect with people than companies.

Still, in 2019, we are going to see a shift to Company Pages. As we continue to grow as business, so does the need to recruit talent. Company pages are a great way to show company culture and promote your values.

With Company Page videos, organisations can now showcase their:

  • People
  • Company culture
  • Products
  • Events
  • Stories
  • News
  • and other announcements


Video tip: Share your videos

Encourage your employees to share your Company Page video or content. That way their network sees it and be encouraged to “follow” the page.


Trend 4: Sponsored Video Ads

As a business, we are always thinking about lead generation. With video ads, it lets you directly engage with decision makers. These sponsored video ads live directly in the news feed as a stand-alone post.

LinkedIn Trends for 2019: Paid Ads

You can achieve the following marketing objectives to:

  • Collect high-quality leads with a strong “Call-To-Action Button”
  • Drive qualified leads to your landing page/website
  • Increase your video views
  • Build brand awareness


Video Tip: Think about the first 10 seconds

Again, it’s all about retaining and grabbing people’s attention. If your content is not compelling within that set time frame, you have lost them. Make the most of their attention and think about the first 10 seconds.

With these four trends in place, there are other assets to consider to help get your company and brand ready for 2019.

Here’s a checklist:

1. Set up a LinkedIn Lunch Workshop

The goal is to help everyone update their LinkedIn profiles. Organise a photographer to do headshot. Or ask your employees to update their covers with a standard company one. The recommended size for a cover is 1400 x 425 pixels. Make the workshop fun.


2. Set your intention

This seems super basic. Sometimes we grind our way through content and forget our bigger picture. Having that one clear intention allows us to create great content that respects your audience’s time. What’s your big intention in 2019?


3. Video and content strategy

Throwing one video and expecting results will not help grow your profile or  company page. Treat it like a channel and think about what kind of brand reputation you want to maintain. Having a content strategy will also help align with the company’s mission and goals. Focus.


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String Nguyen | 2 x LinkedIn Top Voice

About String Nguyen

String is a two times LinkedIn’s Top Voice. Out of 10 million Australian LinkedIn users, she is rated in the top 25 content creators known for video channel. In 2019, her mission is to increase creative vibes in the world. She believes that we are moving toward a tech-enabled and automated future,  which allows humans to have more time to be their creative self.

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