The Work In Progress March 2019: Transition

Change is a subject I advocate passionately because it represents progress and is what helps us reach our full potential personally and professionally.

Consequently what we live and breathe through Work Club and Florence Guild is precisely this, and to help our community feel supported and empowered to transition to their next phase of growth. The ability of individuals to adapt is critical if companies and organisations are to thrive in the future. This is why we are seeing the rise of Adaptability Quotient (over and above EQ and IQ) – a means of identifying readiness of a person to adapt to the inevitable change that is the future while able to leave behind old, unuseful assumptions. I expect we will see this role in organisations in the future, perhaps via Chief Adaptability Officers to drive this skill and mindset.

With that I am delighted to welcome JoAnna Ferrari as the speaker for our next Florence Guild session. JoAnna is a TEDxMelbourne speaker who focuses on embracing your true self, overcoming fear, anxiety and society’s influence in order to become who you truly are.

And finally, after a year of growth in 2018, I am transitioning into the Founder and Chairman of Work Club while Nik Samuelson joins our team as CEO. With 25 years’ business experience, Nik specialises in helping organisations build and execute strategies through solid project and operational models. With Nik’s support, Work Club will continue to push boundaries and experiment as we aim to execute our vision.