The Work In Progress July 2019: Humanity 2.0

It seems every other article these days starts by stating the world is an increasingly noisy place. But as humans, we thrive and are most content and happy when we have meaningful relationships and encounters with others. In fact, it is thought that we naturally exist in communities of 150 – 300 people. This number represents the amount of connections a person can meaningfully sustain. Given that we spend more than a third of our lives at work, I wonder how many of us can identify fifty to 100 people they can count on for support and connection through their work.

How different this number is to the contacts we all have in the thousands online. I believe this tech network can serve as a great doorway to deeper connection, but as we learn more about the limitations and perhaps more sinister aspects of social media, we begin to see a swing away from complete trust of these mediums. With its risk of physical isolation, we know now that these platforms simply can’t deliver everything we, as humans, need.

And so I continue to explore how we can create encounters and conversations between our members, real and meaningful ones. When we succeed I see the power of this – it’s unstoppable, and it drives me to push this further. The art in doing this is not to force people to connect, but to make it as natural and safe as possible.

The magic of Work Club is actually not the beautiful furniture. Of course these design elements are all curated and placed with great thought, but it’s the genuine encounters between real, vulnerable and many-faceted people that is the target. Everything we do is simply to create space for this to transpire. That’s the real magic.