Inspired by the famed Renaissance city-state, Work Club creates the friction for inspiration and exploration through Florence Guild, the buzzing hive for interaction, collaboration and creation. Florence Guild embodies the uncertain, exciting spirit of our time. It’s serious play.

Florence Guild is a series of events that includes: monthly hero speakers, facilitated networking events and cocktail affairs.

Curating the best talent from Australia and across the world with partners including TEDxSydney, TEDxMelbourne and The School of Life, events are designed with a specific goal in mind: to ignite conversation, a new passion or stimulate innovation. Belong and connect with a group of like-minded individuals, encouraging inspiring encounters with individuals from a diverse range of industries.

Invitation to Florence Guild is exclusive to all Work Club members and their guests.

Each year, our narrative spotlights key areas affecting businesses and individuals today. In 2019, we explore “change”.

We are now in the early stage of the 4th Industrial Revolution and in a world where the pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating.

Change is inevitable; but are we forced to change because of the highly connected, fast-paced global environment we live in? How do we personally and as business people keep up, manage, accept or stop change? How can you and your business be a willing participant in change? How can we differentiate between a need for a change and changing for the sake of change?

This year at Florence Guild, we will explore these questions and more through a series of monthly themes, tackling the greatest areas of change today.


Challenge and question as you view our past Florence Guild speakers via the “Meeting of the Minds” video series.
Previous speakers include Layne Beachley (Australian Surfing Legend), Dom Price (Atlassian), Kaila Colbin (Singularity University) and Phill Nosworthy (Switch L+D).



Listen to our Florence Guild conversations at your leisure via our podcast channel. Download the series to take with you or share your favourite conversation with a friend.



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