Posted by: Lauren Hill
Date: 07 July 2022
Category: Insight
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What is Pro-working

In the current era of hybrid working when flexibility is so highly coveted, it is no wonder that coworking spaces have risen to such prominence. But for Work Club, the term coworking has never quite sufficed. 

Enter: pro-working. 

Coworking inspires connotations of crowded spaces and blank white walls, rows of desks with grey, lifeless dividers, a place that is designed only with the bare essentials necessary to facilitate one’s corporate duties. On the other hand, pro-working embraces sophistication and flexibility. It is a collaboration of teams and individuals across different organisations and different industries who share space, knowledge and resources. It is, in our eyes, the next level up from coworking and an altogether separate experience – these spaces are not merely designed to mimic offices, but are designed to enhance all aspects of its members’ day-to-day lives. Work Club spaces have much more to offer than their meeting rooms and desks, they have restaurants and cafés, bars and shops, community spaces, wellness offerings and event spaces. Work Club pro-working locations inspire our members to turn up for work each day out of joy rather than out of necessity.

This kind of coworking is all about curation. It is a curation of members, a curation of space, a curation of membership, and a curation of knowledge. Pro-working is inherently focused on learning. It’s not at all exclusive or elitist, but it is of a higher calibre than your traditional coworking office. With pro-working we are aiming to create a diversity in industries and disciplines that can learn from each other and grow from that learning. Through this diversity, pro-working allows individuals to gain valuable exposure and experience, fuelling creativity and crafting new ideas that draw upon multiple professions – something that is rarely, if ever, possible in a traditional office environment.

Our first clubhouse was opened eight  years ago, and it was designed with a focus on the community within. We created a diverse environment of many industries and disciplines, and then went on to consider what we would need to overlay that with to allow people to connect in a truly meaningful way, whilst keeping our involvement in these connections as seamless and invisible as possible. The entire space was carefully considered, from look to feel to smell, all of it was curated with human connection in mind. Work Club’s pro-working spaces are intended to be destinations that are not solely about work, but rather spaces where workers can feel as if they are part of a vibrant community. We aim to create work environments in which people feel comfortable and inspired to work, where collaboration, creativity, and innovation are not only facilitated, but encouraged. 

What makes pro-working so relevant in 2022?

Following a series of extended lockdowns in which remote working became the norm, despite the challenges posed by tele-commuting, it has grown increasingly difficult for companies to tempt their workers back into the office. Employee expectations for their work environments and work-life balance have risen dramatically, with studies showing that work-life balance is seen by workers as the most important employer value proposition (Randstad, 2022), even going so far as to outrank salary (Paro, 2022). Pro-working spaces are designed to facilitate this balance, and are also designed to give all workers an exceptional experience that they would not be able to find anywhere else – be that at home or in a traditional workplace. 

In an era of digital connectivity, there are some things that are impossible to communicate online, and some interactions that lose vital meaning when done via technology. At Work Club we aim to integrate technology into our spaces in a way that facilitates rather than inhibits connection, allowing teams and individuals who collaborate in our spaces to communicate easily with remote members via any of our meeting rooms and board rooms. There is a fine balance between utilising the productive benefits of technology and experiencing the essential human elements that come from collaborating face-to-face, and at Work Club our aim is to seamlessly unite the two. 

In pro-working spaces, coming to work is about more than just joining zoom meetings and filling out spreadsheets, it’s about stepping into a community and making big things happen. To find out more about our fully serviced office space solutions to fit your needs contact us today and book a tour to find your ideal space. 

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