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Work, redefined.

Our Work Clubs have reimagined what work can be for entrepreneurs and businesses. Here, work is elevated, service is refined, design is bespoke, and connections are deepened. Step into a renaissance of work.

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Step into a renaissance of work

Our Work Clubs represent a new era in working – an era where work is more connected, curious and convenient.

Our clubs are carefully curated to facilitate connections between diverse businesses and individuals

Ours are environments that drive growth, learning and business opportunities. Because true progress is not created in isolation, but in the meeting of minds.

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Elevate your personal and professional growth with Florence Guild Presents

We bring world class speakers and thought leaders into our spaces, and as a member of our Work Clubs you gain exclusive access. These experiences serve to connect our members with new ideas and greater networks, facilitating opportunities for growth.

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Our Work Club concierge is dedicated to helping you connect the dots of your day.

From meeting your guests, to arranging your dry-cleaning, to providing restaurant recommendations, their mission is to understand you, and go above and beyond to support you and your business. They often know what you need, before you even know you need it.

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Unlock peak personal and professional performance with Florence Guild Wellness

Embark on a transformative health journey designed to move, heal and nourish your body, while propelling your professional success. Transform your health, while you work.

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Elevated Work Clubs that inspire

There’s a feeling you get as you step into our Work Clubs; and this is deliberate. We have designed our spaces to inspire and to elevate. Ours are the kind of workspaces that demand the greatest work outcomes

Showcasing meticulously designed craftsmanship, our Nordic-inspired clubs are an intentional elevation of the work experience – they feel premium, because they are.

Our Work Clubs are best experienced in person. Come in and take a look.

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A world of opportunity

Through our global affiliate partner network, access some of the world’s most dynamic business and social clubs.

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More than a workspace

With hospitality at the heart of everything we do, we’re more than a workspace, weaving meaningful experiences into our offering to pull you seamlessly from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail.

Dine on nordic-inspired dishes at popular Melbourne restaurant, FREYJA,  sip on speciality barista coffee at SAGAS,  cosy up to a cocktail at our underground bar, VALHALLA, or indulge on your favourite glass of wine at one of our Club Lounges.

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