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Work Club sets the standard in pro-working, the new era in co-working for those looking for a more sophisticated experience. A unique philosophy built around freedom of movement, curiosity of mind and courage of spirit.

A place where imagination finds purpose and creativity takes on new forms. Our carefully curated environments, experiences and services support the business leaders, creators and innovators of today and tomorrow.

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More than just a co-working space, Work Club creates a human ecosystem that unites diverse professionals and businesses around shared ideals; because we believe common aspirations help stimulate uncommon ideas.

Locally and globally, we work to cultivate success for our members by enabling an effortless transition between work, life and leisure.

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Through our global affiliate partner network, access some of the world’s most dynamic business and social clubs.

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With hospitality at the heart of everything we do, we’re more than a workspace, weaving meaningful experiences into our offering to pull you seamlessly from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail.

Dine on nordic-inspired dishes at popular Melbourne restaurant, FREYJA,  sip on speciality barista coffee at SAGAS,  cosy up to a cocktail at our underground bar, VALHALLA, or indulge on your favourite glass of wine at one of our Club Lounges.

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What is pro-working?

Pro-working is a flexible way business teams or individuals can choose to work using shared workspaces. Members of pro-working bodies have access to fixed desks, hot desks, meeting rooms and communal spaces.

What is the difference between pro-working vs. coworking?

Pro-working and coworking are similar in that they both offer a mixture of desks, meeting rooms and communal spaces. The main difference is that pro-working is a step up, offering a higher level of quality and sophistication to its members.

How does a coworking space improve your working life?

Individuals and teams that choose to use coworking spaces report an improvement in the usual problems associated with working from home. They feel less isolated, and benefit from the opportunity to meet like-minded people, share ideas and network.

How good is coworking for networking?

Coworking offers individuals the opportunity to network, generate leads, exchange ideas and socialise. Coworking spaces tend to attract like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives together which creates a space buzzing with energy and inspiration.

How can a business benefit from coworking spaces?

Businesses that choose to hire coworking spaces can benefit from using the space they need without paying for long-term rents and other overheads that come with hiring an office building. 

They can also offer staff flexible working arrangements which, in turn, can attract top talent to their ranks.

What are the advantages of coworking?

The main advantages of coworking are increased connection and networking opportunities, enhanced productivity, access to a mix of shared and private spaces, flexibility, and an improvement in work-life balance.

What are the benefits of coworking spaces for startups?

Startups often set out by running their business out of their home. Whilst this can keep overheads down, it can lead to issues maintaining boundaries between their home and work life. Coworking spaces can help startups establish healthy boundaries, but without a long term commitment to renting an office building.

What is the culture and community of coworking space?

Coworking spaces are places that foster human-centric working. Their design and layout will encourage connection and community, and their culture is one of diversity and innovation that benefit its members.