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Who are we

Work Club

In our Work Clubs, diversity of thought, connection, curiosity, excellence and growth are more than just our principles – they’re the foundation of our community. We attract and unite professionals who live these same values, people who want to work differently and work better. We cater to the thinkers, innovators, and lifelong learners; to those who seek elevated environments that pave the way for a more connected and curious future.

Who are we


All of our businesses, including Work Club, are united under the brand Florence Guild. Florence Guild creates spaces and experiences that are inspiring a renaissance in how we live, work and connect. Whether you find yourself in one of our meticulously designed Work Clubs, dining in our curated restaurants, drinking in our concept bars, browsing our retail boutiques, or attending our events, you’ll encounter Florence Guild at every touchpoint.

Florence Guild turns everyday spaces into connected precincts that, from morning to night, people do not want to leave.

Meet our founder

A thought-leader on innovation and the new work culture, Soren Trampedach has an impressive 20-year career in leadership positions around the globe. Founding Work Club in 2013, he continues to provide consultancy on workplace optimisation to industry leaders such as Google, Deloitte, NAB, Standard Chartered Bank and Facebook.

With a passion for creating greater connected human ecosystems, Soren founded Work Club to provide established businesses with a unique, boutique solution to the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change in the working environment.

Soren is a Faculty Member of Singularity University further amplifying his authority on workplace design, and future business ecosystems.

A truly international citizen, Soren has lived and worked in Denmark, England, Germany, Ireland, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and now Australia.

Talented, passionate people.

That's what makes Work Club tick.

Be part of something bigger

Every Work Club space brings together a diverse business community, that is the foundation for our success. An ever-evolving mix of industries, companies and ventures bring an ever-expanding mix of ideas, skill sets and personalities. This diversity challenges the conventional ways of working and creates a unique and energised environment for collaboration, learning and innovation.