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  • New Sustainability – Tamara DiMattina

    23 April, 2019

    “Emerging economies can’t follow the rulebook of the past by forging a path to industrialisation using fossil-fuel technologies”.1 Climate Change is real and inevitable, and business as usual is over. How do we save the planet, and make sure growth continues to lift billions out of poverty? How do we move forward in a clean, […]

  • A firm decision: A space with aligned values

    A firm decision: A space with aligned values

    08 April, 2019

    Morrissey Law + Advisory is a commercial and corporate law firm with expertise in the construction and infrastructure sector, in particular around project advisory and dispute resolution.  They partner with their clients to identify outcome-driven solutions to their commercial and legal needs. Managing Director Michael Morrissey founded Morrissey Law + Advisory with the vision of […]

  • Sustainability: personal, professional and environmental

    Sustainability: personal, professional and environmental

    02 April, 2019

    Sustainability and climate change typically refer to the outside world – things like the weather and the need to use materials that are ethically sourced. But sustainability is about more than that. In today’s business world, it is more important than ever for organisations to develop sustainable business models with unique value propositions to stay […]

  • The Work In Progress April 2019: Sustainability

    The Work In Progress April 2019: Sustainability

    02 April, 2019

    As we move into autumn, the change of the season acts as an important reminder of the physical environment we inhabit. Sustainability continues to occupy my thoughts, encouraged by the recent student climate strike in more than 112 countries. This laudable global movement was instigated by one female student in Sweden seeking to inspire change. We […]

  • Dare to Embrace Change – JoAnna Ferrari

    02 April, 2019

    In the face of uncertainty and risk, how do we respond to change and challenges? How do we grow our confidence and abilities to achieve our goals and desires?  According to JoAnna Ferrari – “The Transition Specialist” -, it is about tapping into what she’s called “The Champions Mind”: the ability to instantaneously accessing all […]

  • Why we struggle with personal choice — and what to do about it

    Why we struggle with personal choice — and what to do about it

    02 April, 2019

      Change is a constant part of our lives, so why do many of us fear it so much? Part of the reason is that our brains don’t like uncertainty as it alerts us that there are possible dangers ahead. To help us deal with that, we take the facts presented to us and interpret […]

  • Embracing the future of exponential change

    Embracing the future of exponential change

    06 March, 2019

    “I can observe the changes occurring around me and embrace the struggle to accept them, to respond to them, to adapt to them. I can look ahead and live today holding space for tomorrow. I can fight for what we can still curtail. I can play a part, not live apart, and I can act […]

  • The Work In Progress March 2019: Transition

    The Work In Progress March 2019: Transition

    06 March, 2019

    Change is a subject I advocate passionately because it represents progress and is what helps us reach our full potential personally and professionally. Consequently what we live and breathe through Work Club and Florence Guild is precisely this, and to help our community feel supported and empowered to transition to their next phase of growth. […]

  • The Adaptability Quotient

    The Adaptability Quotient

    05 March, 2019

    The inevitability and rapid pace of change in our world means we have to reconsider how we assess the suitability of people to particular jobs and career paths. In the past, intelligence was considered critical for career success, so employers focussed on IQ (intelligence quotient) tests for assessing that attribute. But IQ tests are flawed. […]

  • Learning to focus in times of distraction – Suzanne Boccalatte

    04 March, 2019

    We’re living in a time of unrivaled connectivity with near limitless access to information at our fingertips—this is an attention-grabbing culture and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s been said we now suffer from constant restlessness, feeling that we need to do more, to move faster and break things to succeed. […]



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