Connection in the age of social distancing

Today we face a threat to our vitality as business owners, employees, industries and even generations of people. For many enterprises whose raison d’etre is bringing people together (and there are hundreds of iterations of these), COVID-19 poses an existential threat, as a new normal for our lives descends.

This is an extraordinary time and we expect significant challenges for everyone in our community, but we are determined to remain calm. We believe a long-term perspective is imperative to successfully navigating this short-term crisis. Work Club remains open (for now), observing social distancing measures, and we encourage you to also remain connected on Work Club Virtual where much of our communication is being delivered. Our focus will be on keeping our team together and improving our services at all levels.

By choosing to adopt a positive outlook I don’t underestimate the magnitude of the crisis that faces the globe, rather I consciously face it. The following months may not represent a period of external growth but I am certain that from the internal growth that occurs in the fallow period, much innovation will occur. There are certain outcomes I anticipate: for example more flexibility in the workplace, online platforms becoming more and more refined, but there are many we can’t predict yet. These innovations cannot occur in isolation, we still require the spark of an idea which comes from connection. A physical shut down can also open a window, and as such, we hope that the return to ‘business as usual’ brings with it a renewed purpose for all.