Posted by: Heidi Mortlock
Date: 02 June 2023
Category: Meet a Member

Q&A with Trish from High Health Club

As a wellness coach, meditation teacher and the founder of High Health Club, Trish Devereux wholeheartedly believes that breathwork is the antidote to stress in the modern world. Trish maintains that breathwork offers both an immediate impact and long-term benefits such as strengthening the nervous system, supporting digestion and fundamentally, instilling more calm into your days.

We sat down with Trish to chat about her background in wellness, how breathwork has positively impacted her own life and the vast benefits people can expect from adopting a breathwork practice.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to health and wellness coaching?

I’m a mother, wife, health and wellness coach and breathwork and meditation teacher. I have a penchant for travel, dark chocolate and natural wine and have a passion for sustainability and mindful consumption.

Like a lot of young women, my interest in wellness quite honestly began with an unhealthy focus on being ‘skinny’ and the pressures of the worlds ‘ideals’. Thankfully, my relationship with my health has since evolved into a much more conducive approach to wellbeing.

Having overcome some health issues of my own, I have a genuine desire to share quick and efficient tools for wellbeing that have literally transformed my health. We live in an incredibly fast paced, stressed and time poor world, so it’s important to recognise that health is our greatest luxury.

Can you describe your experience with breathwork and how it has influenced your personal and professional life?

Breathwork focuses on breathing with intention and toward a specific outcome – it’s the quickest and only way for humans to consciously control our state.

Since practicing both breathwork and meditation, I have changed the way I take on stress, how my digestion works and how I respond in stressful situations. In the past, I used to take stress into my body which caused severe back and shoulder issues, to the point where I couldn’t sit on my chair without pain. Now, being able to control my breath and in turn my state of mind, I have so much more control over my life. It’s given me the ability to change my outlook and recognise the signs of stress and burnout faster. I’m so much more aware of my physiology and in touch with my body and my mind.


What benefits can participants expect to receive from attending your fortnightly breathwork classes?

My classes are part theory and part practice. I have a genuine desire for understanding all aspects of the human body and mind and inner workings and want to pass this on to my students. In class you’ll walk away with the tools to quickly support and change your state, whether that’s creating a greater sense of calm, shifting your energy, helping digestion or winding down for sleep.

I don’t think we understand enough how much stress impacts our productivity and it’s amazing what can happen when you know how to breathe well – I want everyone to have the chance to experience these benefits.


How do you integrate other aspects of health and wellness into your day-to-day life?

I have an endless array of practices depending on how much time I have, but I think the most important thing is to make movement in some capacity a non-negotiable, as well as eating well and supporting my gut health. I’m a big believer in balance, not perfection, so I try to focus on doing the best I can depending on the day. Some days that’s all the things and other days it’s a quick walk around the block and a glass of wine at the end of it. Flexibility is key.


What is your current favourite wellness product?

My absolute faves right now are the chlorophyll drops. These support liver detox, skin health and they’re fun. I also love the loco love chocolates as they’re vegan, refined sugar free and each one has half a serve of your daily probiotics so feeds gut health too!


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