Work Club Sydney Supreme Court is an impressive and carefully considered space located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, surrounded by some of the finest European Designer retailers.

Design and furniture play a significant role in all Work Club locations, with each piece of furniture carrying a story. Hans Wagner pieces sit beside a Brunner, Fantoni and other artisan pieces. Every piece is hand selected and created by craftsman across Europe in collaboration with Work Club, founder, Soren Trampedach.

With an array of spaces available, find focus in the library amongst law journals, discover and share in one of the unique collaborative pods or conduct cross-continental conference calls in the boardroom overlooking the Supreme Court building.

Experience the same design aesthetic available throughout the club space in a private suite environment.

Offering 24/7 access, a number of event spaces in varying sizes can be hired to host long lunches, salon events and wine tastings without common restrictions.





Live, work and play – do it your way, with exclusive access to a variety of environments to suit your mood. Premium members have unlimited, 24/7 access across all Work Club locations, including access to our affiliated clubs in New York, London, Copenhagen, Auckland, Munich, Shanghai, Dubai, Bahrain, East Africa, Lagos and Milan.



Associate members have access to a select Melbourne or Sydney location two days a week. This particular membership is for those who prefer flexibility in their routine. All areas of the club and services are at your disposal find a space to suit your mood, moving effortlessly from the meditation room, to the Club bar for a beverage.



Work Club’s membership truly offers the opportunity for flexibility. With access to either Melbourne or Sydney four days a month, continue to stimulate and let go of routine. Take this opportunity to connect with new and great minds, host clients in the middle of town and escape the daily grind.



Work Club offer a range of Private Suites suitable for individuals who maybe starting their first business or even organisations of up to 200 team members. The suites are equally as beautiful and evoke the same Danish and European aesthetic visible in the shared spaces of Work Club.
Offered as a walk in and walk out service, members in Private Suites hold the same access and benefits as Premium Members.



Work Club understand flexibility is now a non negotiable item in your corporate workplace portfolio strategy.

We understand to attract and secure your talent, locations that deliver productive and efficient staff are more important than cost effective locations. 

Work Club Global have developed gold standard Accommodation Alliance model that provides for an appropriate mix of Core, Core/Flex and Flex spaces, co-designed and hosted.

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Work Club offer Dedicated Desks for those who require multiple screens or are accustomed to having a fixed workspace. Work Club’s Dedicated Desks are located in the one of the many shared spaces in the club. Dedicated Desk members can enjoy the best of both worlds with full access to other areas of the club space including one of many unique meeting rooms or collaborative spaces.

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A space that will evolve with your growing team. Private suites are offered as a walk-in, walk-out service for individuals or teams of up to 200 who require a dedicated, private office space.
Private Suite memberships carry the same access and benefits offered to a Premium member but with the added luxury of having a private office.
The suites are designed to suit your needs but also reflect the same beautiful aesthetic visible throughout Work Club.

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All-inclusive services

The essentials your business requires day to day, come all inclusive - print and copy, scanning, shredding, mail service, Wi-Fi, Concierge, tea, coffee, fruit and access to a range of meeting and collaborate spaces. Members also have access to a meditation room, podcast recording studio, event spaces, video conferencing and presentation equipment.


Work Club's concierge service is just a step, call or email away. Our team is here to help your day flow as smoothly as possible. Simply request and they can assist with many items including meeting room requests through to arranging your dry cleaning, request and you shall receive. Concierge are also the best people to connect you with other members if you're looking to expand or create. Think of them as a part of your team!


Work Club pride themselves on the diversity of members. The members have been conscientiously selected to maintain diversity of ideas and experience, invigorated with individuals from a range of industries, from sports to Information Technology, who are uniquely skilled in their own right.


Host and attend. If you’re looking to host a function of any size, Work Club offer a selection of flexible function packages to suit a range of occasions.
Florence Guild, an event series for members providing an opportunity for the diverse community to interact, connect and learn. The best talent is sourced from Australia and abroad with events hosted in an array of styles from salon events through to intimate conversations and facilitated lunches and dinners. View the calendar of events here.


The Work Club bar is open Monday to Friday to members where a breakfast bowl can be delivered to your desk or a healthy menu item can be served to support and energise your brain. A full time alchemist is on site to prepare a bullet proof coffee or an espresso martini. Event and catering services can be provided by the Work Club Bar team. What ever the size or theme the team can create an service suitable to your needs.

Premium design

Perfectly capturing a refined, European and Danish aesthetic, workspaces across all Work Club locations are carefully curated and designed with the end user and experience in mind. Soren Trampedach, Founder of Work Club has consciously sourced each piece you engage with and see in the space. Working together with artisans across Europe, each individual piece of furniture has a story to tell.


Each piece of furniture tells a story and is placed in such a way to create an optimal environment of calm energy, beauty and collaboration. An equally curated mixed of diverse people from all faces of our Australian professional landscape come together to co-work, co-learn and relate together. The future of business.
Michelle Duval, Founder & CEO, Fingerprint for Success
A professional environment that gives a wide range of choices for how you want to work. Quiet spaces, collaborative modules, library, or even private offices. Events such as Florence Guild and the various talks have been very interesting and informative as well as great opportunities to network and meet people from a range of different industries.
Michael-Jon Simpson, Development Manager, Treelight Development Group


Work Club Supreme Court is located in a premium business position, overlooking the Supreme Court and Sydney’s Hyde Park. Walking distance from Martin Place and St. James stations, members enjoy easy access to clients, partners, premium retail, restaurants and entertainment.


To find out more about Work Club Sydney Supreme Court, call us on +61 2 9019 1888, or book a tour via the form below.



To book a tour of any of our Work Club locations, simply contact us via the form below.