The Future Needs You – A Chat GPT Experience

Discover more about Chat GPT and explore the its potential roles in society in this immersive ‘lunch and learn’ session.

  • WC Member Ticket
     22 June 2023
     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
The future needs you..…especially with ChatGPT in it.
Since November last year ChatGPT has dominated the news and is becoming embedded in numerous aspects of our everyday lives. The pace of change shows no signs of slowing as the largest countries and companies race to build the most hyper-customised personal assistants we’ve ever known. In response to this, Florence Guild is hosting a session that aims to help members discover what they need in order to become more comfortable with this fast-paced change.
Legal and regulatory bodies lag so far behind in this race, leaving how these technologies will change the way we work, live and connect up to us. What role do we want this technology to play in our society? During the session, members can express their views on what is most important to them and the roles they want technology to play in their lives to support them.
Facilitated by Matt Jackson, the conversation will focus on ways to integrate technology into daily life without it stealing or replacing the parts of your professional and personal life that you hold most dear. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share examples of how ChatGPT might bring people closer together.
Please arrive at the session ready to share examples of your interactions with Chat GPT.

You can explore the many applications using this technology by visiting https://theresanaiforthat.com/
Or use Open AI’s chat GPT, https://chat.openai.com/, to write you a poem using the following prompts:
* Write a poem about the theme of… insert what is important to you right now.
* Ensure you include these emotions…insert what you are feeling about your chosen theme.
* Ensure you use these thoughts…insert ideas that make the theme important to you.
* Write it in the style of… if you have a poet you enjoy from Dr Seuss to TS Elliot put it here. If not, leave it to ChatGPT


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