Posted by: Soren Trampedach
Date: 23 February 2022
Category: Press
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Prepare for the future you want

As we kick off yet another year, it may not feel much like progress as many businesses continue to chop and change their plans to get back to the office. But, little by little, the centrality of the physical workplace to the future of work is steadily gaining ground again after 18 months in which the ‘death of the office’ was a constant prediction.

Companies planning a more people-centred workplace in the wake of the pandemic are thinking carefully about the type of environments in which their offices are located, as employees are afforded more choice over where they want to work.

Here at Work Club, we’ve always believed that individuals should be able to work how, when & where they want, but that the environment they choose to do that in should be energising and transformative and it should help to cultivate growth both personally & professionally.  So instead of standing still, we’ve expended more effort than most people think is sufficient. We’ve used past few years to expand our offering, embed our partnerships and introduce a range of new elements into our every-changing eco-system. 

That includes opening a new Club in Canberra, with state of the art Conferencing & Event facilities, and two new sites in Sydney on the horizon within the first half of 2022.  We’re also expanding our Hospitality footprint with the launch of our exciting Nordic-inspired restaurant, Freyja, set to open in Melbourne in May, complimenting Valhalla, our underground cocktail bar, which has gone from strength to strength since it opened last year.

For us, detail-oriented design and followthrough in customer service can be equated with ‘care’ (which is rare and precious). I expect my team to bring  ‘care’ to work every day, even if most people would look for a shortcut instead. I believe that more effort creates beauty and magic and makes something memorable. Perfectionism is a false hope, and it stops us from doing work that matters.  There is no point in trying to predict the future, so instead, we are actively shaping the type of future we want. Here’s to an exciting 2022.

– Soren

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