The Pro-working Distinction

Over the years, my team and I have grappled with the terminology used around Work Club’s offering. While technically positioned in the co-working sector, I admit the expression never sat right with me. We toyed coming up with alternatives – shared workspace, community. While these descriptors define elements of Work Club, none of them sufficiently encapsulates what sets us apart as a best-in-class work environment.

The year’s dramatic shifts in our interactions at work have fuelled this tension in me further. While employers and employees alike have welcomed the incorporation of working from home as a practical measure, it is clear, from looking at our membership numbers this year alone, that this cannot be the only environment our work resides in. To build trust, create innovation in our fields and sustain motivation and productivity, we need to come together.

Personally, I’ve found that as our physical space reflects our mental space, so do the people we surround ourselves with reflect our values and our purpose. Attending to this line of thinking is what has driven us at Work Club.

Co-working spaces, however, imply a degree of the unknown, which cannot be said for Work Club.  With our curated workplace design, we create the environment for a like-minded community of ideas and aspiration, occupying the niche premium in the co-working market.

Enter Pro-working: the next era in co-working for those who are seeking a more sophisticated, curated and high-quality experience.

At Work Club, we believe there is nothing accidental about success, so we design our environments to actively cultivate it. This means ensuring every element of space we offer our members must deliberately reflect our own brand. We are intentional about every element and interaction members and guests experience. This dedication to enhancing our connected human ecosystems has earnt us an entirely new descriptor, that of Pro-Working, and it is this terminology that I can finally be satisfied with.