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Date: 16 June 2021
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5 types of companies who can benefit from coworking spaces

Now more than ever, people want the flexibility and freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. Maybe their job allows them to work remotely, or they are their own boss. No matter the reason, people seem to gravitate towards coworking as a viable alternative to working from home or a traditional office setup.

But what is a coworking space?

It’s an innovative way to share office space and overhead costs without the need to invest in long-term leases or pay for more than you need. Here are five types of companies that can immediately benefit from the convenience of coworking spaces:


1. Remote Companies

2020 was the year that remote work skyrocketed for the entire world, and now that Pandora’s Box is open, it’s not going anywhere. People realise that they don’t have to suffer through hours of commuting each day and are just as productive (if not more) working locally.

Remote companies can leverage coworking spaces to still have a professional setting to hold meetings, onboard new employees, or provide an alternative to the home office setup. It also means they can hire broadly for their roles and still provide adequate accommodations almost anywhere in the world, thanks to the flexibility coworking offers.


2. Freelance and Consulting Companies

Doing freelance or consulting work is challenging. It’s hard enough to be self-motivated and disciplined, but to work alone is downright demoralising. For many independent contractors, having a sense of community and the opportunity to collaborate means a lot. Coworking provides that and more.

You will work next door to, or across the hall from, a range of businesses and have the opportunity to create connections with like-minded individuals everyday. Networking in coworking spaces can lead to new work for freelancers and consulting companies.


3. Small Businesses

Small businesses typically don’t have offices with multiple meeting rooms and concierge service. The ability to rent a coworking space that includes such amenities means you get all the perks of space and service without having to worry about upkeep or utilities.

The number one goal of a small business is usually to grow, and having coworking spaces in all major cities means easy expansion opportunities. You can have a new office set up in a matter of hours and have literally everything your team needs to be productive at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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4. Startups and New Businesses

The freedom to rent shared office space for a new business or startup can’t be overstated. For starters, most are evolving quickly, causing constant changing workspace needs, which means they don’t want to be locked into a multi-year lease. And many don’t know if they’ll be around long enough to see a lease through to completion anyway. Starting a business is a gamble, and coworking spaces lower the barrier to entry.

To investors, you look more professional when you have your own office suite or conference rooms to work from, and the same goes for hiring staff. They’re more likely to join your cause and stick around if your operation is in a nicely decorated office versus a garage or storage room.


5. Large Corporations

Starbucks, Salesforce, Bank of America, Apple, Samsung, Alibaba, Microsoft, and Facebook all use coworking spaces to supplement their real estate needs. With their bankroll, you’d think they would just buy up real estate and do things the old-fashioned way.

While that’s still a part of their approach for headquartered locations, many are now realizing the benefits of not being locked into long-term leases. They enjoy the flexibility of opening new offices to support their overall strategy without having to get real estate agents, lawyers, and construction crews involved.

Many companies are also seeing the benefit of having a scattered workforce that works from various coworking spaces. If their main office is affected by natural disasters, then they can operate with the confidence of knowing their colleagues working remotely from coworking spaces can pick up the slack while they sort things out.


Setting the Standard

When it comes to finding a co-working space, Australia leads the way in both innovation and convenience. Here at Work Club we set the standard in pro-working, the new era in coworking for those looking for a more sophisticated experience. That’s why we offer both functional and aesthetically pleasing environments, so you feel both inspired and at home when working.

From freelancers to chief financial officers, Work Club offers premium coworking spaces for all professionals. Find yours today and book a tour online.

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