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How facing your fears can change your life | Andrew Gason

April 26, 2021

Monday @5.30pm

A sense of place is not static. It changes and evolves. It creates connectedness and belonging, and an understanding of place is fundamental to the concept of livability.

Andrew Gason was the hardest criminal around yet integrating back into society was his hardest journey of all.

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Pexels for Change, IFAW Art Series

May 3, 2021

Monday @9.00am

Free photo and video library Pexels has partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare supporting the cause and mission of IFAW by crowdsourcing donated images and videos of animal and wildlife imagery from around the world.

Work Club is proud to support this initiative and will exclusively display a selection of the winning entries in both Work Club Barangaroo & Work Club Olderfleet (Club Lounge) from Earth Day, April 22nd. The exhibition will be on view in the Club Lounges through to the end of May.

NOTE: This is NOT a ticketed event. Feel free to visit the exhibition Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, from 22nd April – 21st May.

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Pretty Hurts: It’s time to decolonise beauty | Sasha Kutabah Sarago

May 13, 2021

Thursday @6.00pm

Join Sasha Sarago for an evening of cheese, wine and conversation as we explore the concept of beauty through the eyes of a First Nations woman.
Hosted by Fenella Kernebone (TEDxSydney).

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Applewood Gin

Blend your own Applewood Gin

May 17, 2021

Monday @5.30pm

Founded in 2015, Applewood is the number one Gin distillery in the Adelaide Hills, specialising in authentic Australian spirits derived from our sunburnt country.

Australia is a land of uniquely isolated evolution, home to some of the oldest soils known to man, and the longest surviving human culture.

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Animals & People Thriving Together

May 20, 2021

Thursday @6.00pm

Join us on Endangered Species Day for a conversation with John Albrecht (Leonard Joel Auctions & IFAW Board member) and Rebecca Keeble (IFAW’s Regional Director, Oceania), on building a better future for animals.
One where animals can thrive and coexist with humans.

Including: how ifaw is reducing the demand for products made from ivory and rhino horn, and how we are working to restore the Australian landscape after the devastating bushfires.

The evening will be followed by an Auction of exclusive imagery from the “Pexels for Change” exhibition, and networking drinks & nibbles.

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Future Dreaming, a conversation with Dr David E Martin

July 20, 2021

Tuesday @6.00pm

Future Dreaming is a remarkable documentary that will challenge the way you think about humanity.

In 2015, ‘The Unstoppables’ took 120 of Australia’s top entrepreneurs on a floating think tank cruising around Antarctica with the sole purpose of creating and influencing a better future.

Whilst on the expedition, film director Kaya Finlayson recorded a conversation with the renowned thinker Dr David E Martin, to explore the narratives that drive our economic, social and political thinking and unpacks the assumptions that underlie those conditions.

Join us on Tuesday, July 20 at Olderfleet for a viewing of the documentary, hosted by co-founder of ‘The Unstoppables’ Geoff Gourley. Geoff is a leading Global Social Innovator, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, NED and former Board member of the UN in Australia.

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Six steps to a moonshot mindset

September 23, 2021

Thursday @5.00pm

This online event is free for all Work Club members. Use the code: FLORENCEGUILDXSU at the checkout.

From the impossible to the possible, ‘moonshot thinking’ has inspired innovation throughout history. To continue to create, we first need to imagine. Sometimes we even have to start over. Most organisations operate with a solid Unique Selling Proposition.

The brave organisations, the ones impacting lives on a global scale, Moonshot. So, set your mind to an impossible idea and use technology to bring it into reality. You need courage and persistence. You need to think big. Moonshot thinking is choosing to be bothered about how you can make it real. So think differently. Change things. Be the change. Be audacious. Find the way. Be unstoppable. Have impact.

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